TELETHERAPY – Video and Phone Sessions

FAQs about Video or Phone Sessions (Teletherapy):

  • Can I start psychotherapy during the pandemic?

Yes. I am taking new patients at this time. We will have a phone consultation to determine whether we’re a good fit for psychotherapy.
Next we will make an appointment for our first session by video.

  • Why would I want a phone and video session? 

I provide phone or video sessions for patients who may not be able to attend in person sessions.  Reasons can include inclement weather, illness or some incapacity, travel, relocation, babysitter issues, other issues.

  • How do I set up a phone or video session?

These sessions are the same as an office appointment.  We would set a time in advance of the appointment.  I will initiate the phone or video call.

  • How long are these phone or video sessions?

The session would be 50 minutes in length or some other length of time agreed upon in advance.

  • How much does it cost for a phone or video session?  How do I pay?

The fee for the session is based on the same per session fee as in person. I would initiate the phone or video call. Fees are paid through Zelle.

  • Can I have a couple session by phone or video?

Yes.  This can work if you’re in the same room, or in different locations.  We can conference call.

  • What are confidentiality issues?

There are always potential breaches of confidentiality when using any electronic systems.  The system is as confidential as any phone or video session that you take part in all the time.