Consultation and Consulting

Building Your Independent Psychotherapy Practice

based on
SayingGoodbye_cvrSaying Goodbye to Managed Care:
Building Your Independent Psychotherapy Practice

Consultation and coaching while you are building your Fee for Service Practice

Sessions are individual and personal, and are conducted in person, by telephone or online. You determine your own pace, the frequency of sessions and the topics on which you wish to focus.

Training is intended to help you if:

  • You are just starting out in private practice and haven’t a clue where or how to begin.
  • You have been in practice but are mired in managed care work and don’t know how to develop your own fee for service practice.
  • You have been employed at a clinic or academic setting and want to develop your private practice.
  • You have been in private practice for many years and feel you want some new ideas and energy to expand or redirect your practice.

Topics below are Book Chapters. Individual sessions may or may not be limited to these chapters.

Part I: Can I Run My Practice Without Managed Care?

  • Saying Goodbye to Managed Care: How You Can Do It
  • Are You A New Professional, Graduate Student or New to Private Pay Practice?
  • Fast Food Psychotherapy

Part II: All About Money

  • Money Matters
  • How To Ask for Money and How to Get It
  • Watch Your Language

Part III: Carving Your Niche and Marketing Your Services

  • Are You a Generalist, Specialist, or Both?
  • Many Paths to Success: The Gold Standard
  • Value Added Services: Why Other Professionals Need Psychotherapists
  • It’s Moral to Market

Part IV: Basic Tools of the Trade

  • Stationery and Business Cards
  • Flyers and Brochures

Part V: Intermediate Tools of the Trade

  • Speeches and Workshops
  • Web Listings and Basic Web Pages

Part VI: Advanced Tools of the Trade

  • Press Releases, Pitch Letters and Authoring a Book
  • Interviewing for Print, Radio, and Television
  • Advanced Websites, Virtual Groups, Online Counseling, E-zines and E-publishing
  • Advertising

Part VII: Putting It All Together

  • The Final Step to Success: Using What You Know to Create an Independent Psychotherapy Practice
  • Appendix 1. Annotated Bibliography of Resources

2 thoughts on “Consultation and Consulting”

  1. I need to rebuild my small part time therapy practice. I am not getting enough of the right kind of referrals. A local large mental health referral agency has sent me many inappropriate referrals that I have to end up referring elsewhere. My contract with them has been discontinued recently for no reason. I would like to find out how to find the right kind of referrals and how to deal with insurance companies I am credentialed by and those who say we don’t need your type of provider in your area. What does it cost for a consultation? Thank you Linda L Locascio

  2. I would be glad to talk with you regarding your situation. I realize that this message was posted 2 months back. Sorry for the delay….the website just didn’t forward it to me. If you’re still interested in consultation, please email me directly at
    Elaine Rodino, Ph.D.

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